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Считаешь себя Богом? Но Господь не столь глуп, чтоб являться тобой...Считаешь себя Дьяволом? Да и он ведь, отнюдь не дурак...Считаешь, что я не вижу, каков ты внутри? - о, какое же ты все еще дитя...
Edgar Allan Poe
Lenore [1831-1843]

Ah, broken is the golden bowl!
The spirit flown forever!
Let the bell toll! - A saintly soul
Glides down the Stygian river!
And let the burial rite be read -
The funeral song be sung -
A dirge for the most lovely dead
That ever died so young!
And, Guy de Vere,
Hast thou no tear?
Weep now or nevermore!
See, on yon drear
And rigid bier,
Low lies thy love Lenore!

"Yon heir, whose cheeks of pallid hue
With tears are streaming wet,
Sees only, through
Their crocodile dew,
A vacant coronet -
False friends! ye loved her for her wealth
And hated her for her pride,
And, when she fell in feeble health,
Ye blessed her - that she died.
How shall the ritual, then, be read?
The requiem how be sung
For her most wrong'd of all the dead
That ever died so young?"

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